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TSTU is a peptide coupling reagent converts carboxylates to N-succinimidyl active esters.

CAS: 105832-38-0

Synonym: N,N,N′,N′-Tetramethyl-O-(N-succinimidyl)uronium tetrafluoroborate




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

301.05 [gr/mol]


White or off-white powder

Storage Conditions

Store in cool place


  • TSTU is used in intramolecular cyclization of 2-acyl-benzoic acids mediated, leading to diversely substituted (Z)-3-ylidenephthalides.  The application of the method is highlighted by gram-scale preparation of the antiplatelet drug n-butylphthalide.
  • TSTU, HOSu, and CuCl2 have been applied as coupling cocktail, proved to completely eliminate the racemization of the carboxy-terminal N-methylamino acid residue during segment condensation.
  • Polymer-TSTU and Polymer-HSTU have been prepared from polymeric Nhydroxysuccinimide (P-HOSu) and used as solid-supported reagents for peptide coupling reactions.


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    Org. Process Res. Dev. 2018, 22, 9, 1262–1275

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