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DEPBT  The highly efficient reagent for amide bond formation in synthesizing complex molecules and for peptide cyclization. Compatible for a solution and solid-phase synthesis. Strong racemization suppressor.

CAS: 165534-43-0

Synonym: 3-(Diethoxyphosphoryloxy)-1, 2, 3- benzotriazin-4(3H)-one




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

299.22 [gr/mol]


White to off-white crystalline powder

Storage Conditions

Store refrigirated (2-8oC)


  • Strong racemization suppressor.
  • DEPBT is compatible with solution and SPPS.
  • Not necessary to protect the hydroxyl group of the amino component such as serine, threonine, and tyrosine.
  • The side reaction of asparagines dehydration was not observed with DEPBT
  • The high efficiency of DEPBT for amide bond formation has been demonstrated in the synthesis of complex molecules such as Tamandarin B or Glycopeptide teicoplanin aglycon and, especially, for peptide cyclization.


  • DEPBT as an Efficient Coupling Reagent for Amide Bond Formation with Remarkable Resistance to Racemization
    Yun-hua Ye, Haitao Li, Xiaohui Jiang  Biopolymers. 2005;80(2-3):172-8.
    Read Article
  • DEPBT as Coupling Reagent To Avoid Racemization in a Solution-Phase Synthesis of a Kyotorphin Derivative
    Vasanthakumar G. Ramu, Eduard Bardaji, Montserrat Heras, SYNTHESIS 2014, 46, 000A–000F.
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