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4-Methylpiperidine ( 4-MP)

4-Methylpiperidine  The highly efficient reagent for removal of 9-Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (Fmoc) protection group. Compatible with solid-phase synthesis.

CAS: 626-58-4

Synonym: γ-Pipecoline, 4-Pipecoline, 4-MP




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

99.17 [gr/mol]


Colorless to light-colored liquid

Storage Conditions

Store refrigirated (2-8oC)


  • Fmoc deprotection reagent.
  • Compatible with  SPPS and microwave-assisted SPPS.
  • Interchangeable with Piperidine deprotection agent.
  • Compatible with in-situ Fmoc removal approach where the deprotection step is carried out immediately after the coupling in the same step to eliminate additional washing step.


In-situ Fmoc Removal – A Sustainable Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis Approach
Ashish Kumar, Anamika Sharma, Beatriz G. de la Torre, Fernando Albericio Green Chem., 2022, 24, 4887.

Efficient Synthesis of Peptides with 4-Methylpiperidine as Fmoc Removal Reagent by Solid Phase Synthesis
Cristian Francisco Vergel Galeano, Zuly Jenny Rivera Monroy, Jaiver Eduardo Rosas Pérez, and Javier Eduardo García Castañedaa, J. Mex. Chem. Soc. 2014, 58(4), 386-392.

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