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1,4 – BDMT

1,4-BDMT, Benzylic thiol scavenger used in TFA cleavages of peptide resins.

CAS: 105-09-9

Synonym: 1,4-Benzenedimethanethiol




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

170.30 [gr/mol]


White to off-white crystalline powder

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool place


  • 1,4 -BDMT -scavenger in TFA cleavages of peptide resins.Combining the high reactivity of aliphatic thiols with the UV visibility of aromatic compounds.
    • More effective scavenger *
    • Resulting in higher purity of peptides**
      • Efficient in minimizing formation of peptide-t-Bu adducts
      • Efficient in minimizing sulfonylation of the peptide
    • Higher stability compared to aliphatic thiol scavengers***
    • Suitable solubility
    • Easily UV detectable
    • Commercially available in bulk quantities


    * Chemical yields, compared to DTT, ETT, DODT

    ** HPLC purity, compared to DTT, DODT

    *** Chemical stability in TFA/TIS/H2O, compared to DTT, DODT


  • Benzylthiols as scavengers in TFA cleavages of peptide resins

Jan Pawlas, Thomas Svensson and Jon H. Rasmussen, PolyPeptide Group, Poster at 26th APS.
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