At Luxembourg Bio Technologies Ltd., our philosophy is to be always one step ahead of the market’s demands, in the development and production of Coupling Reagents and Protected Amino Acids, which translates to being more efficient, more economical and more ecology minded. We ensure that our coupling reagents and protected amino acids are created in a safe environment, where workers are fully protected from exposure to hazardous substances and waste products. The raw materials we use and the unique technologies we employ are chosen for environmental safety, so that we leave a better world for those to come.


About Us

Luxembourg Bio Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2008 in Israel by Yoav Luxembourg, a former member of Luxembourg Industries Ltd, established in the mid 1960s by the late Abraham Luxembourg, his father and mentor.



For years Luxembourg Bio technologies Ltd. is devoted to produce products of high quality and although it faces competition from producers in China and India, still, the reputation of the none compromising on quality, bring us to be the...



Dedicated to the development and provision of new and innovative intermediates, we stay fully apprised of the latest in scientific developments. This enables us to initiate new and innovative products that give better yield and economic advantage...